Emily Taylor

Team Leader / 2IC to Arran Faithfull

P 07 4051 9300

About Me

In a position which has never before been seen in Cairns, the Team Leader is responsible for first class quality control procedures, weekly KPI audits/reports for all Property Management staff, and as a floating relief team player who has the ability to take on ANY task in the office when key staff are sick or on holidays. When combined with well thought out staff holiday rosters, or if a staff member has to leave the office’s employment on short notice, the Team Leader ensures that complete continuity of service is guaranteed.

Emily is a very intelligent, kind, caring and nurturing individual with a heart of gold. Her can-do attitude and willingness to take on any task on short notice, and without complaint, means that all other office staff have much more satisfying work lives without the stresses of upset clients or heavy additional workloads.

After 6 years of experience in real estate offices as a support staff member for Property Managers, she is keenly aware of the needs, stresses and demands of the entire business.

Emily is continuously being up-skilled and groomed by the business and is set to take over the reigns with the full support of the team in Arran’s absence.

Emily’s calm and composed disposition have seen her become a respected and well loved rock for all staff and we expect that she will enjoy a long and satisfying career with Les Freeman.

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