Alli Paterson

Sales Principal

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About Me

Having not only survived for 14 years in real estate sales but accumulating an impressive clientele along the way; Alli Paterson both knows property and how to be successful in it.

Her motto “Experience Counts” isn’t just something we made up to make her sound good! She backs up her fierce negotiating skills with a keen experienced eye on how to maximise property sale value using efficient renovation, presentation and staging.

Making full use of her ability to organise and get things done, Alli has transformed the agencies sales process into a modern, efficient and well-oiled operation and is keen to head up the expansion of the sales team with more high-quality individuals into the future.

Les Freeman is very excited to have Alli on board as her skill set fits in perfectly with the companies primary mandate to help clients grow wealth through property.

If you have a property which needs to be sold and want to know what needs to be done to maximise return on your investment, you would be hard-pressed to find an individual more experienced and happy to help than Alli Paterson.
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