Code of Ethics

Trustworthy, Confident, Reliable

The Freeman’s Residential’s Code of Ethics has been instilled to demonstrate our commitment to our clients to provide them with the level of service and support they expect from a market-leading property management and sales business. Standing above and beyond the minimum standards set by legislation and professional association regulations, we openly display our Code of Ethics so our clients know what we stand for and the ideals that we have set for ourselves.

Act in the clients best interest - each and every time

Our dealings with all parties will always be fair and transparent, however, we shall at all times act in the best interests of the party with whom we have an agency agreement: our client.

Conflict of interest

We will endeavour at all times to avoid any direct or potential conflict of interest. If such an instance were to occur, we will immediately inform our client.

Retain Confidentiality

Confidentiality, discretion and ethical conduct will be upheld in all of our dealings with both clients and the general public.

Defend in public

We will always be prepared to state and defend our actions, services and activities in a public discussions with local property consumers, the media, clients and the local community.

Comply with the law

We will, at all times, comply with governing legislation.

Comply with professional association policy

We will, at all times, comply with all by-laws, rules and regulations of all professional bodies of which we are members.

Reject Uncertainty

If we are uncertain of any action, service or activity that doesn't align with our Code of Ethics, it will be rejected immediately.

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