Referrals are the greatest compliment!

We know that you will only refer a friend if you have confidence in a product or service because it's your reputation as stake. We hope we have earned your confidence as a Landlord or Tenant already, and if we haven't we'd certainly like to know why!

Feel free to email me, the Principal at if you are not satisfied with us for any reason when you read this, otherwise:

We'd like to show our appreciation!

To add some extra value to our relationship we are offering both you AND your friend either a weeks Free Rent or 3 months Free Property Management and Rent Collection fees for a property you are in/have with us as our way of saying thank you for the referral.

In summary:
- If you are a tenant and you refer a friend with a property to manage we will pay your rent for a week for each management that is gained.
- If you are an existing client and have 1 or more properties with us we will give 3 months free management and rent collection fees for 1 property for each management that is gained.
- Either way your friend also scores our full 3 month free trial (management and rent collection fees) to trial our services - if they are not satisfied after 3 months we will agree to an immediate termination.

Simply mention this article to your Property Manager and we will make sure it happens once your friend signs up to our Property Management Service with a new property for us to manage.

You're welcome!
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