Service Satisfaction Guarantee

At Freeman’s, we are so confident about the quality of our service and our ability to get you the best performance from your investment property that we are committed to the following guarantees:

Dealings with tenants

- We will establish the rental value of your property by comparing properties currently let ensuring that you get the best returns
- We will Interview all prospective tenants and conduct a reference check
- We will ensure a rental bond is lodged
- Upon receiving ‘notice of intention to leave’ from a tenant, we will advise you within one business day
- Following notice from a tenant, we will review the marketing plan within two business days to minimise any vacancy time

Rent collection and disbursement

- We will actively pursue rental arrears within the limits of the law
- We have standards for late payments and we abide by them
- We will deposit your rent monies into your nominated account within three days of the month end

Communication standards

- We will return phone calls, faxes and emails within one business day, with expectation for responses happening on the same business day.
- All communications from our office will be conducted in a friendly and helpful manner

Maintenance and inspections

- We will arrange repairs and maintenance according to your instructions and ensure they are carried out in a professional manner
- You will be advised of any maintenance issues prior to proceeding (unless below a pre-determined limit), or if the repair is deemed urgent by legislation
- We will provide a written inspection record of the property at commencement and completion of the tenancy and we take photographs and video footage to minimise any chance of disputes
- We promise to conduct a minimum of two inspections per annum


We promise to give you an outstanding experience and to help you maximise the value of your asset.

In the event we fail to live up to these guarantees, we will provide the next month’s property management fees at no charge for the property in question, or in the case of mismanagement causing your property to lose income, we will negotiate compensation to cover your loss.

If you ever feel that we are in breach of any one or more of these guarantees please submit in writing to Freeman's Residential's Principal Jade Kilpatrick and expect a full investigation to be conducted.

You're welcome at Freeman's!
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