Tenant Resources

After Hours Emergency Repairs

Who do I call in an after hours Emergency?

Please first refer to your Tenancy Agreement for Property Specific Emergency Trades.

Plumbing Emergencies please call MICK JORGO PLUMBING 0438 465 474
Electrical Emergencies please call MCPAUL ELECTRICAL 0412 692 516
Locksmith (faulty locks only) call CAIRNS LOCKSMITHS 0431 052 579
Applying for a Rental

Applying for a Rental

Should you be interested in renting one of our properties you will need to complete a rental application form including the details of all those to be listed on the lease. It is crucial that all information provided is correct as all applications are fully checked prior to approval. If you have a pet, you must complete a Pet Application form in addition to your tenancy application. Please find below the forms you may need to apply for a rental, for more information on what to expect click to view our Tenants Guide to Renting.

During Your Tenancy

There are a number of things you may need to be aware of during your tenancy. You may need to report maintenance, or have an emergency situation and need immediate assistance. You may even have a complaint that you would like dealt with. Knowing your rights as a tenant can save you a lot of stress and heartache, so we have provided a link below to the Pocket Guide to Renting in QLD which is produced by the RTA. For a list of Frequently Asked Questions please read our F.A.Q page here.

Ending Tenancy

End of Tenancy

Moving from one property to another can be a stressful time. We hope that this page will help to clarify your rights and obligations as a tenant vacating a premises. The vacating process begins when a tenant issues a Notice of Intention to Leave, or when a lessor issues a Notice to Leave. If a tenant intends to leave when their contract expires, they are required to provide at least two weeks of notice (preferring at least four weeks). In the same situation, a landlord is required to provide two months of notice if they have no intention of renewing the lease. Continue reading our Guide to Vacating.
Additional Info

Additional Information

Smoke alarms, pool safety and natural disasters are a few of the things that all residents are responsible for and should know about. We have included a some guides below to get you up to speed or as a reference to your rights and obligations. There is a plethora of information available on government websites and in the media that may also assist in your learning and awareness.

Rent & Bond Payments

We love looking after our tenants, that’s why we choose to give you a simple online
payment process via SimpleRent, that gives you access to the SimpleDiscounts
program when you pay by direct debit.


You can now pay your rental bond online with the RTA. The online bond lodgement process should take approximately 10 minutes to complete - go to RTA Site for details https://www.rta.qld.gov.au/Forms-and-publications/Forms/Online-Bond-Lodgement

Paying your bond in instalments may suit people who are waiting for their current bond to be returned but can’t move without it, have lots of other moving costs or just don’t want to dip into their savings to pay their bond. EasyBondpay will pay your full bond on the same business day directly to your property manager.

Repayment is made simple with monthly payments until the bond has been fully repaid.

If you’re moving home and are renting with Freemans Property, contact us today about the easy way to sort out your bond payment.

Disclosure: Freemans Residential receives a commission of 2% of the amount funded to refer you to easyBondpay.
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